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Accelerate the world's transition to on-chain gaming

Bridging Gamers and Developers for a Thriving Crypto Gaming Ecosystem

Uniting Forces to Shape the Future of Crypto Gaming
Pioneers Fully On-Chain Gaming
In a pivotal shift that will reshape the gaming landscape, Web3Games.com is spearheading the transition from crypto gaming to fully on-chain gaming. This groundbreaking move marks a new era of unparalleled transparency, security, and player ownership. With our innovative four-component framework, we are accelerating this transition, empowering developers to create immersive and truly decentralized gaming experiences.
Gaming Blockchain Network
The Blockchain Network Built for Gamers
On-chain Wallet
Experience the Convenience of Account Abstraction
FOCG Toolkit
Your Comprehensive Development Toolkit
builder space
Builder Space
Collaborate, Innovate, Create
Powering the Future of Crypto Gaming
Leveraging Polygon's robust and scalable POS blockchain, Web3Games.com fosters a seamless and secure gaming environment, empowering developers to craft innovative games and players to embark on immersive journeys.
$W3G Token
$W3G is the native token created to incentivize and reward activities that support the Web3Games network, such as developing infrastructure, building applications, facilitating trades, and providing liquidity. The token aligns incentives between traders, creators, marketplaces, and other participants so that all parties mutually benefit from protocol activity.
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Public Roadmap
Unveiling the Future of Gaming with Web3Games.com
Team Formation
Complete Seed Round Fund Raising
Launch CryptoEmpire Genesis NFT Collection
Complete Private Round Fund Raising
Launch Web3Games Portal
Launch Web3Games Player ID
Launch Web3Games OAuth SDK
Web3Games Chain Devnet + Testnet
Launch Game Token Swap
Start W3POKER Whitelisted Testing
Launch and Growth
Launch POKVAZ W3POKER - Texas Holdem Game
Launch POKAVZ NFT Collection
Launch NFT Marketplace
Launch Game Storefront Service
Complete POKA Token Sale
Launch DEBEATS: Web3 Rhythm Game
Launch CryptoEmpire: Match-3 Battle
Launch Gaming Token Staking
Launch $W3G Token
Web3Games.com Chain Network
Implementation of Account Abstraction for Gaming
FOCG Development Toolkit
Crypto Game Builder Space
Backed by Industry Leaders
Web3Games has garnered the support of esteemed crypto investors, securing a $4 million USD investment in 2022-2023. This strong backing demonstrates the confidence placed in our vision of transforming gaming through blockchain technology. With this momentum, we are committed to delivering an exceptional crypto gaming experience.
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